horse fight

after all this weird, emotional stuff i've been dealing with i've really put sewing on the back burner. so, today i'm picking out a little pattern to make to get me back into the swing of things. i'm thinking something with 2 pieces, sort of a 60s tunic and boy short set of some sort, which i happen to have several versions of. i'm also toying around with the idea of using this pattern from an adult halloween couple's costume package of mark anthony and cleopatra, the latter of which has this really dramatic swatch of fabric draped over the left shoulder and down the back. the only thing that's preventing me from using that pattern is my concern with the attractiveness of the pattern itself, there are no darts and i dont want to waste my time on manipulating a pattern today. it's quite a pleasure to work on something non school related, anyhow.


my fashion show is on the 21st of april, but i'm so freaked out about it i dont even want to touch on that.

also, i've recently crocheted a way great tam-o-shanter from a pattern off www.freevintagecrochet.com which i LOVE and highly recommend. it's too bad summer's almost here and i wont be able to wear it for a long while!


whenever i've cut my hair short, i've gone through a phase of ONLY wearing it up, somewhere in the growing process between shoulder and clavicle length. i actually love having my hair up, i think it's more attractive and flattering, at least for me. i can't wait until it's long again, but i'm still really enjoying having it lighter. i've been sporting that little pompadour-ish, top-heavy volumous up-do constantly since discovering it a week or two ago.

today, sinead and i are going to do a photoshoot with her buddy morgan, inspired by the ellen rodgers photos that she discovered through missmoss. it should be beautiful, especially considering how gloomy and wet it is out today and we're especially excited because we dont have any "friendship photos" i'll pick flowers to put in our hair. i'm very much into cut flowers in every corner of my room, the more rustic the better. my yard is up to your shoulders in chrysanthemums, so always those, plus a good amount of sweet peas and foxglove and huge purple roses and bottle brush.

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