moving on up


rarely do i have anything to post about anymore, i've been trying to focus on making real things happen with the inspiration i draw from images i spot online and with the angst i feel rather than cataloging it here..but i do have much to share and considering the fact that i don't really have anyone to discuss my life's developments with at the moment, i suppose this would be a good place to gab.

i decided on a whim 2 weeks ago that i would like to move to pasadena, california and so i did just that. i am working (right now im in training) as a buyer for a buy-sell-trade, which has been fun. i will say that there is a certain pleasure that comes with earning money to pay for rent and basic needs, rather than puttering around, saving and spending frivolously. it's challenging to budget but i cut corners where i can. everyday i walk to work, an hour round trip. i come home exhausted but sleep wonderfully and i truly feel as though i've experienced an opposite reaction to the stress that most complain about with a move. ive lost weight, my acne has disappeared, i sleep, like i said, like a baby..i'm deeply calm and content. it's just been fabulously relaxing. much of this has to do with how trapped and misunderstood i felt at home. i don't yet have any friends, which has been the one downside of this move. i would love for my experience to be full of getting to know the area through people who live here, but i just independently explore and take myself out when i can.

last time i had a day off, i took myself out to whole foods for a coffee and vegan movie candy. then, salvation army for a 1970s print of a super leisurely, curly haired babe to hang above my bed and finally the early bird special movie which was full exclusively of old folks..which i wouldnt have thought anything of were it not for the sexually explicit nature of the movie. haha.

i got a cold which put a damper on things this week but there's not much you can do about that.

so far as my living situation goes, i am having difficulties with my roommates in some areas like how filthy the house is, which i end up cleaning always, but..what can you do? i live with all college-age boys so it's a challenge. however, if i didnt clean nobody would do it and they'd be more than happy to live with dust stalagmites collecting on the blades of the overhead fans and crusty, mooshy gobs of soap and mold thriving in the corner of the shower..my room is beautiful and makes me happy, and that's the most important thing to me.


as insensitive as it is, i don't really miss my family at all. i really do not miss the stress, tiffs and strained communication. what i do miss, though, is my kitties! so i've hatched a plan to charm my neighbor's tabby which ive seen sitting on the fence outside of my window, and we can be pals.

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