fourf a jou lie

today just so happened to be my day off, but unfortunately i didnt end up doing much in the way of family-time festivities. the fireworks have yet to go off and i'm actually quite content in my drunken food cave here in my room, recovering from a day of walking in the hotter-than-hell's-hinges sun.

originally i expected to end up in riverside today, then when those plans failed i was prepared to receive company here and when plans fell apart for a third time i ended up brownbagging (or more like h&m bagging) a bottle of wine and trekkin around my city, treading through an antique mall, work, urban outfitters, a barnes and noble (more on that later) and ending up in a park for an hour chain smoking and flipping through a magazine, furiously texting my friends from afar.

it's funny to have the bedroom blog's title remain, yet change settings. heh. well it's a bedroom, still, and this bedroom belongs to me (for a month!)today i tried to be semi-festive, with a rust-hued petticoat, striped tank and sunhat. what you don't see is the red ferragamos and the mother mary pendant as well as a tortoiseshell bangle and of course, the aforementioned brownbagged bottle o booze



the fireworks are beginning to go off and i truly feel just so lethargic that i can't even muster up the strength to go outside. my only real motivation would be seeing my hot skateboarding neighbor, who happens to have seen me boogieing down in mere knickers this afternoon (honestly, completely unintentional)

the highlight of my fourth of july was stepping into whole foods on a whim and coming out with a bag of fancy new groceries, which i may or may not have been completely hammered when buying..gosh i love that place. too, too much. afterwards, i collapsed into bed in a dizzy spell and ate too many popsicles and peanut butter..if i can't have hotdogs and potato salad i'll pig out on my own special treats!

i picked up a french vogue today and i will never be the blog to tackle "big important issues affecting women today" but i will say i admired the magazines more realistic perspective to sexiness, which in the end was so much more seductive and actually sexy than the adverts and spreads i see in mags here. there were models about 10 lbs heavier than american models, with wider torsos and thicker legs and more sturdy arms and within these healthier bodies you actually responded to their musculature and skin and fat on a relatable level, more than you would seeing a human unlike one you're ever seen in real-life. i've always been a fan of a thinner is better motto in print, under the impression it was more posh, but it's just not true! it is 100 times more effective to watch a woman work her functioning, healthy (that's not to say it isnt ideal) body into clothes, to see the life inside of the fashion. these was another similar but different situation regarding a model's body hair. probably the most sensual, effective, summery picture i've EVER seen was a shot of a model's back of the knees to her derriere in a really, really skimpy pair of high-waisted shorts but the kicker was she had this deadly duo i always associate with surfer boy babes, the beachy, low-maintenance combination of a deep tan with downy, sun bleached leg hair trickling up into her bum cheeks and over her venus dimples. PERFECTION, i'm telling you.

i had an opportunity to really assess the move today when i was feeling loose in the park, but i decided to hold off judgement until a later date. for right now, i like taking care of myself.



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Kailey said...

I really love what you are wearing in this post! Your hair looks incredible *__*

murphy bed chicago il said...

Nice sharing the story. You look great and well groomed in this dress.
Thumbs up.

Vanity of Vanities said...

Ah, hope you put the copy or even the photo of that french vogue copy in this post. Seems to be that it is a great issue, eh.

Cathy@embroidery digitizing

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