i had a hungover hot sauce tasting party yesterday.theyres nothing like a bean rice and potato to cure a sore stomach.that sounds like a joke but im serious.

ive got so much homework to do, i found out im graduating in about 23 months, a little less than two years??i feel like im about to throw up.so much to do.so many months.i would try to go faster since im in homeschool, but ive found out that my teacher is only allowing me to do 3 weeks extra homework(out of a 6 week course)at one time.that means im going half as fast as i would be, but it still makes me so anxious.

im looking at cars right now on craigslist.
thinking about finding some sort of used hybrid?found one.
its too bad theyres a really cute red 82 mercedes.28 mpg?hmmm...

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