boy shoulder

oh, to be this fluffy...



kitteny spears!

i woke up at three last night. i drank, peed, and went back to bed. it was really cold and my blankets were heavy, but not in a nice warm way, in a dentist's office way.

today in biology im studying mold. jenny, my lab partner, and i tested dust on a fire-extinguisher handle (i guess there havent been many fires lately, vcause it was pretty dingy) and the tire of a car. now theyre supposed to grow on an agar dish (which is actually beef and seaweed and very gross) and then its supposed to grow big and fluffy. it reminds me of my terraruims at home, which i couldnt be happier with. they make me excited to look at in the morning, because by the afternoon theyre full of condensation,making it hard to see them very well. i wonder how the moss grew so big and tall, its almost like grass now, but mabye its just some super moss growing big because im such a fabulous moss farmer, my own special mutant moss breed.neat.

my hands look spidery

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