glasses to fix me eyes

new furniture has been installed and rearranged sunday and monday, here is my new (not that new, twas a birthday present all the way back in january that was never mounted) cabinet... thiiiiing, im not sure what to classify it under. cabinet is the most fitting.


with lots of racks and rows and shevles that display my things well.

before the shitstorm well all call this afternoon came into full effect, i went thrifting with my mom to take our minds off whatever troubles we dont like to open up to eachother about. i ended my mid-morning thrift trip with a sleu of new goods, my favorite being these glasses, which ill get new lenses put into whenever i need them, which will probably be soon. hopefully soon, because theyre so pretty.whnever i decide to get that done, ill also be sure to get new hinges put in or get the pre-existing ones tightened, as they dont stay on my face well.


today was:
tremendously overwhelming, yet full of the most dissatisfying, underwhelming moments.

didnt completely "make up" for any sour conversations between bryan and i, but still left me feeling..happy. happy-ish.

dissapointments could be blamed entirely on me, but could also be pinned on bryan, or l. or anybody we wanted. so when bryan and i parted, and i was left feeling confused and all of these other odd things, i wasnt sure how to move on. but my life is mine when nobody is around, and i dont need to fret about anything,really..even though id rather be concerned because im so bored.

i felt so completely energetic and adrenaline-fueled, yet desperately tired and sleepy.

delightfully classy, yet unrefined!

yadda yadda yadda, neither here nor there, same old stuff as always. security is nice, loyalty is nice. people arent always nice, but faking it is nice. i find myself sitting in my room stewing over the afternoon, upset as ever, and that truly is the last thing i want. i dont want to die young, i dont want to get fat, i dont want heart problems. ill let everyone whos ever hurt me make it up to me whenever they feel like it, but sitting and waiting for them to isnt the answer. im embroidering this


onto that eighties dress tonight in forest green, after installing some really festive forest green trim onto the hem. shes a beut! im having a bite of jens' vegan pizza now.

oh, check out my horoscope from yesterday

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009-- You are not a stranger to having an approach-avoidance conflict as you vacillate between fully engaging with someone you love and withdrawing into your own world. But today you can successfully do both. You want to open your heart and yet you're also mindful of necessary boundaries. Keep bringing your mind back to that point where comfort and discomfort meet. It's here, at these metaphysical borders that real magic happens.


michellehendra said...

LOL. the glasses make you looks like a cool geek! :) lovin your post!


Bryan said...

oh i wouldn't have called this afternoon a shitstorm.