lunchtime, Sunday.

today was a good one at the swap meet, i complained about it being too hot and my dad said that it wasnt going to get much worse because the summer was practically over, which i dont think he was correct about. also, i think it will get hotter before its all said n done.


pictures from the wierd guy are always really fun and sorting through his boxes is a highlight of every swapmeet trip. he showed me a big album of pretty women, pretty teenagers, and pretty women with their husbands. they were all sorted out like this, with the girl and the name underneath, so its difficult to understand what the album owner's relationship was to these people.

one of my favorite finds of the day was a girl scout printed blouse, with little girl scout symbols (the little head within a head thing) all over it. its very small, so ill wear it tucked in to something high waisted. i bought a prettty table cloth with geraniums all over that ill make into a skirt out of,too.

i wore my Sybill jumper, a blue bow, and my black mary janes. i pinned on a badge i bought,an award for the "Sunkist League", 4th place in diving.


you can see my dad by the trunk, but what i was trying to get a picture of was the new stand where you can get your brakes worked on while you shop.

i called bryan a short while ago to ask if he was in the mood to do anything today, but he didnt pick up. im not very hungry, so right now ill go back into my room and cut out some more patches for my curtains. yesterday was a sad day, today hasnt been sad because i havent thought about anything upsetting yet, and am trying to keep it that way.

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