i hate this feeling.i know ive got so much homework to do, i even had dreams about it last night.i should be doing it this very second, actually.

more on last nights dream
i was at my house, walking around in the funny underwear i was wearing last night, and ronni and robert and colin came and they took me away to See's Candies at the mall and forced me to eat a bunch of chocolate, and the whole time i was yelling at them to take me home so that i could do my homework.

im glad i remember that dream because once i start taking notes on the dreams im having, and i can start to remember them, itll become a more and more common occurance.soon ill be able to tell you a funny dream story every morning!

my stolen dog went home to his real parents for the week to get her shots and her hair brushed, and she came back yesterday all cute and gromed!too bad you cant see her in this picture,the only interesting part about it is that it looks like im a big giant torse sprouting from a big leg.


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