matthew and i not being photographers

i like these pictures,though.


the first one was supposed to be a shot of matt,will, and myself, but the camera fell. im pretty tired of the whole ribbons of light in pictures thing, but i like that you can see our faces.

the second one was done by will,the bottom of our beer bottle. really gross beer, actually.i woke up with the sourest of stomachs and there was no helping it.

i am very sick of most photography, though.everybody wants to be a photographer.they want to take pictures and they want to do it professionally. i mean there are photographers who can really compose a wonderful picture, and there are people who cant draw and desperately want to be artists, so they make silly real life pictures.i mean, i cant really get angry at someone for not taking pictures that live up to my expectations.lordy i sound like such an evil woman.ill stop now.

im going to go take a nap and make an outfit for tonight.

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softspoken said...

yes, exactly. and just because they have a fancy camera does not mean their photographs are any better. and just because they can speak fancy photography speak on aperture and shutter speed doesn't mean they're any better if they're photos are all of trees and blades of grass. so what if they're technically perfect, they're still boring. i guess i got the evil in me too :)