too much to do!

working on the bodice of that crocheted dress,its coming together so quickly, exciting.

going off to illinois in two days, but im very worried about my tattoo. ive decided im going to dangle my toe off a bike as i ride it, and scrape off that awful acorn.it sounds bad, but if thats what i need to do to realize i dont like tattoos, ill do it. it wont be that bad, even. i would do it today, but ive got to go walk down to the bus stop, and a gooshy,scabby toe makes for a bad walk on a dirt road.

excited for my new bike!i think im going to paint it a funny pastel, like lavender or salmon, mabye that funny shade of robin's egg blue in matt's house.new roller skates, too!mabye ill paint the bike light purple to go along with the skates!all my wheeled modes of transportation will be color coded.


i hope that shows up,or ill look stupid.well thats the dress, i feel like the key to making a bunch of stuff thats been thrown together look good is using red right.

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