leprechaun leapfrog

super bowl of cereal.
first morning of diet,but really this time.
i woke up at 6, had a bowl of raisin bran and took at 35 minute walk, on which i found this creepy picture of an old lady with a little white puppy.it was laying in a gutter and since i usually pick up dirty ziploc baggies and that sort of trash, imagine my suprise that my good-deed-doing ended in a cool picture to put in the frame i just bought.
another day of work, but first ive got to go to my dingbat teacher and pick up the homework he forgot to give me.world history.

my room is a sloppy mess and ive got to get started on all of that before i leave in 45 minutes..ON THE DOT!!!

i like that green shirt so much. the best part is how it looks so cheap, the fabric is dull and lifeless and it looks very matte in the sunshine.so synthetic its almost like wrapping paper.i really screwed up the hem on that skirt, thats a do-over.the fabric was so slick it just slipped all over the machine resulting in squiggilies.

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