ive been waking up really early every morning this week at about 6:15. i even put up a big scarf behind my curtain to muffle the light a little bit but im still waking up. i dont think its the sunshine,though. i think im just sleeping well and in concentrated hours.

heres some pictures of that cool bathrobe i bought, its really heavy and difficult to put on, so it doesnt offer the same easy and snugglieness as a regular one. throwing it on and tying it up is a real chore.i like the big hood,though.



its nice. of the three old bathrobes i have i think ill get rid of the panda one. The synthetic fluffy one from the mall is really soft but the armpits permanently stink. i think the polyester or whatever makes up the fabric retains the smells since ive been known to spend dirty smelly hungover weekends in it without taking it off.ive even wwashed it, im doomed to wear a stinky bathrobe forever.

jens is staying home from school today,he says hes having problems with his guts.
i ,however, have 8 hours left in my day until i can come home and scour out my bathtub.

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