sweeties and snacks

little india trip with daddy was fun, i got some really cool cosmetics that looked promising, some henna and a bunch of soap, as well as some really delicious sweets. the best store abdala sweets was so great, the candies are really unlike any other, they had vegan ones too which i liked because they didnt have chocolate and ive been craving something sugary.


those two orangish ones with the nuts on top were wonderful, they were like the inside if a butterfinger but a whole bar of it!the best part!they had really good almond ones, and i have Matt a chum-chum.

we went to an exotic fish aquarium where they had an eel and a shark!they also had a broad invertebrate collection that glowed under a blacklight.
we went out to lunch where we basically pointed on the menu and ordered whatever we landed on because everything looked so splendid.i got a sweet potato and lentil samosa and deep fried jalapenos with chutney.


i need to lay off the chutney jalapenos and chum chums for ive gotten a little too round!
plump plump chum chum

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