went out tonight for a mere hour. alot of effort to just hang with matt,but i havent gotten the opportunity to dress up in a while now.I got this skirt off a catalogue, which im always wary of. Not only because i dont like new things, but because ive realized i dont like a modern fit.The problem with alot of the costumey and dress-up clothes that i buy is that they are more often than not poorly made, stained or ripped, so it takes alot to cover up all the missing and unsightly bits.I actually had to take this skirt in a few inches.I feel like a skirt made to fit at the waist should be nipped in as tightly as possible...i mean if youre going to go for it you need to go all of the way.Im having a problem with porportions lately.i cant help but want to throw on the puffiest, the fluffiest and the trashiest.I really like the way my hair turned out in this picture,too. t almost matches the drapes!too bad the drapes are very ugly.


This belt is off of a really great second hand dress i bought months ago from an estate sale in Rainbow, but i never got around to hemming it. one day,though. its just as magnificent and ornate as the belt, and somehow the woman was excatly my size,which takes alot of extra work off of my shoulders.

i made some delicious vegan confections today!i used granola and ground it up into a powder for a flour,then some almonds to make an almond butter,mashed dates and added tahini to loosen it up and agave nectar.then i rolled it in powdered sugar and cut it into slices.they were like a really delightful halva minus the crumbliness.


sometimes i love being the only vegan in the house because that means i get to eat all of this, and part of me hates it because ill be munching on these between meals for the next week of two. Who am i kidding?theyll be gone in the next 3 days.

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