im in school right now. i had a cupcake and fought with the eyebrow piercing girl again. ive had a very bad morning, jens my little brother took my hairspray again while i was eating breakfast and snuck it away into his room. i called him and called him and he didnt pick up, but i suppose its best because i wouldve only screamed at him.

ive spent today searching through hel-looks and facehunter, but alot of the time i dont like that stuff.at all. im not about that, and id rather look pretty than super modern and bulky...i get it, but i know its not for me. i found this girl on there, and shes perfect. i wish i couldve gotten done up for school today but i didnt feel like it, i didnt have the time and i hadnt planned out an outfit last night, and i spent so long looking for my hairspray anyways that it wasnt even worth it. im considerably warmer now in my sweats than i would have been in a skirt and sweater, anyway.


i bought two plaid skirts like this one at the thrift shops ive been to lately, but i always have a hard time with the jacket part. i have a hip-length grey one thats a little more mod than id like, and i have a tan double breasted one that i love but the arms are just a little bit too big to pull off with a bulkier skirt without looking disporportionate..i bought an amazing grey 50s coat at the swap meet last sunday with my mom, its wonderful, ill show you when i hem it up a little.

oh, thursdays.

matt called me last night at eleven or something, and i was halfway asleep and started talking to him saying"just call my cats cellphone, not mine. you must have been trying to get a hold of her, here she is."


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