good time gal

yesterday's post was stupid. i shouldn't have even posted, i'll take that down soon, probably.

ive had a pretty good day. ive felt accomplished, planting seeds for better thoughts and better feelings. i like myself more than most people i know.

i went to the doctor's, came home and ate a burrito, and have since been working on a couple of hats to sell. im tea-dying one of them right now, because i used some yarn that was just sliiiightly different in color and i began to notice as i was almost done with the project. problem is, the different yarns are taking in the dye differently and its very stripey... i might have to sew some patches on and call it " antique-y". im going to go check on it right now...

the yarn has stretched all over and now its really huge! ahhhh! the cute lil bunny hat is now like 2 feel long!!! nooooooooooooo... ughhhhh. im throwing it in the dryer right now, hopefully itll felt or shrink a lil bit or SOMETHING? oh jeeeeez.

anyway, a lesson learned i suppose.
so right now ive got that hat (?mabye?) for the shop, a blue one, a furry one, and a couple other ideas for some stuff along with all of the vintage stuff. im going to get working on more handmade stuff to sell because i want the store to be about the stuff that i make AND the vintage, not just a bunch of vintage with some handmade stuff thrown in. im going to try to get those boots made, mabye the deep-sea-diver hat, and mabye some of those felted terrariums. also, i came up with some ideas for a cool hooded capelet-shoulder warmer thing, it feels like a good idea to me. the problem is, i dont know if im gonna have enough of the yarn i like to make that. im also going to do some cool little pouches, with cool leftover wool yarns in cool colors, then felt them...? lots of things to experiment with. im going to get started on some more little ideas, them work on the big ones. ill try to get abye five more handmade things made by the time it opens up..

i wore a cool outfit today. ive been loving this skirt, i wear it all of the time its a knife-pleated beige colored high waisted skirt, its really pretty and looks pretty with everything, i just wish that it was a little bit longer. i would like more skirts like that one. i keep bruising, all over the place, and it looks a little gross when i wear skirts like that... its alright though. mabye my bruised legs are a bit of a fashion statement..haha. i wore it with my old faithful grey wool jacket, forest green bobby socks, mary jane heels and a cool little fur collar that i pinned together with a big hatpin i found in the "pins and needles" booklet i bought the other day. i tried on for the first time a really cool embroidered purse with wooden handles that have got dog bite marks all over them, its a pink silken material with bright orange roses and green leaves. my mom said i looked like a russian farm girl off to the city, i couldnt have been more flattered.


jens just rode off on his bicycle, i dont know what hes going to go do today. its a friday, afterall! im not sure if i would rather have him out of my hair on a friday night, or stay at home with me so i wouldnt have to feel bad about my brother having a better social life than me. its alright, im going to get all the work done i can, cry about my ruined hat, and do some homework so i can have the whole weekend to...probably do nothing. but while im waiting for someone to call, atleast i wont have to sit and worry about the homework i wont be doing, instead ill be changing outfits all afternoon!

i heard some wonderful things today. some sad things, some things ive already known, and some things that were only good to hear because i wasnt hearing them from someone i knew. the new mantra ive been instructed to remember is to "be still, be quiet" which doesnt mean i have to be antisocial, but i need other people to come to me and gravitate towards me.. we'll see how this works and what happens. it sounds nice to not feel like i have to do all the work when im out on the town. i might call bryan tomorrow.


ive dyed my hair a brown color, and im not too fond of it, i think i might look a little like Ali Lohan, with my redhead complexion and my brown hair..hahahaha, ew.

i AM, though, going to ask for a perm for my birthday. i want it to be cut to about my shoulders, then ill wear it in fat curls, as fat as my fingers, and it will be very fluffy and ethereal... like a big red cloud. itll be very pretty, and im more into that idea than the bleach job now.im not frightened to do scary things with my hair, itll be fun! and if all goes wrong, ill just tuck my hair away in the big giant bunny hat!

the last day i was at the swapmeet i came home with a bunch of very wonderful clothes, a nightie and 3 or 4 blouses. i got some funny pins, one that i converted into a necklace, which i love. im going to work on some alterations, too. god knows theres always soooomething to fix, isnt there?

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