things have been going on these past few days, lots of things, going in all directions. my body is responding well, suprisingly. no breakouts, no shakes, but ive been sleeping in almost 3 extra hours every night. oddly, im not having any amazing, wonderful vivid dreams, none at all! its strange, ill wake up at the time i usually would, and im so exhausted i cannot even see clearly, i cant even move! not one muscle! ill just konk out until 9 or even 10, its not a nice feeling to wake up to. the problem is, though, that i stay in bed waking up every hour, thinking of all of the things i should be doing, how unproductive im being. that part stinks.

i went to the swap meet with cuzzy sonja this past weekend. we did a pretty good job! im suprised at how willing i am to sell the things that i buy, ive just got so much right now i cant hardly handle it!

my dad is the worst, most akward photographer on earth. i promise, though, no matter how candid this looks, im not this silly in real life.


i tried on an austrain folk hat, part of a full-on costume that came with leiderhosen! inneresting. ive been thinking of a skirt idea where ill do a leiderhosen-esque embroidery bit on the front, itll be a thick fabric of some sort, and ill have suspender straps on it. ill like it, i think.

i went out with some friends the other night, too. ive been very obsessed with this little white tuxedo shirt i bought at the thrift shop, i cut and cuffed the sleeves and its perfect. ive got quite a few long-sleeve blouses, but its nice to have a more casual one. i wore it with a skirt i crocheted over the summer, it was very warm and nice.


as my tastes fade in and out of styles and inspirations, that shirt always does the trick. last night i wore a star-trek themed outfit. a navy ployester spac-y vest tucked into a marroon pencil skirt and a big navy blue belt with a silver buckle. i wore my hair in princess leah buns, too!

oh, i am exhausted indeed.
more on the important stuff later.

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