i went over to ronnis house yesterday, got very very stoned, and ate a hole all the way to china. now im eating only soup for a few days...and some teddy grahams that im keeping a secret!

today im going to do alot of things. im going to do some homework, im going to make something, im going to change my sheets and floss my teeth and i want to go for a walk. also, ive been wanting a new terrarium, but this time i want a little tiny one to sit on my windowsill.

ive made a few other moss terrariums. the two by my bathroom window are doing very well, theyre green and tall. the tall tall moss sprouts are almost a half an inch now! its neat, when the sun shines through them i can see the little teired patterns of growth, i think they are doing well. the big chunk of bark i put inside the terrarium, hopefully for the moss to oneday climb, has begun to mold. i dont mind, actually. its pretty, the white fuzz and blue fuzz and green moss fuzz. i dont think it will damage the delicate ecosystem inside the terrarium, mabye it will balance out the PH or something nice. i like walking to my bathroom in the morning and passing that little hallway and seeing them there, i can inspect them in the morning light and get on with my day. but there is one windowsill left, one right above my bed, where light comes in in tiny bits in the mornings and afternoon, and i think it might get some light good enough for another mossy patch to grow.

i went around my yard looking for good healthy moss patches. i wanted denser foresty green moss, not chartreuse green, and i found a good bunch around where my trashcans lay. i plucked up a nice chunk, and went back itno my bathroom where i planted it in a little shallow jar with a little root clump tuber in the middle. it looked like a tree stump, with grass growing all around.


its pretty, i hope it grows well and eats all of the wood.

itll be nice to spend lazy mornings looking up at the moss jar instead of turning off the TV, and ill like to watch it when im on the phone, too.


mmmm today is feeling cluttered and messy, but in a way that i like. there are lots of good things to do and i dont care what order they pop up in. mom just came home early from work.


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