yummy yummy
holy choco-chipz!

ive made bryan and i some chocolate chip cinnamon cookies for our hangout tonight, we will need to frequently re-fuel for a night of festivities...mabye him more than i, ive been chewin on these all afternoon.


i dance with my cookies.


i kiss with my cookies.

the cinnamon gives it such a special and interesting taste, i love it. this recipie is a winner.

i am just SO homey, on the topic of homemaking ill tell you a little story, something interesting that happened to me at the swapmeet the other day, a story of how crafty and lucky i am, and wonderful with a computer.

so i was sifting through a box of junk and i pulled up this baggie of doll parts, im actually not sure what they are for, but i saw on the label that the parts were sold at a store in fallbrook, called the Craf-t-Fox, and the package was very very old. i looked on the internet 227 main street in fallbrook, and come to find out its now bonnie and clydes tattoo and hair-do! what are the chances? cute little things like that make me happy.


with that stuff i bought a little charm that reads 1962 on it and nothing else, strange...also a book of pins and needles, but very interesting ones. i dont plan on actually using any of them, theyre just so pretty. this little buck and american flag thing is a wall decoration from the Elks club, a senior club...darling.

thinking things over, coming to my own conclusions without the help of anyone else...we will see about tonight. ive got too many things to feel bad about already.

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