ive been posting alot alot alot lately, i know. at first i didnt know if it was because i was bored, but now ive realized its because there are alot of things i have to say. personal ones go in my diary, things that id secretly like for other people to know and to read can go on here. it doesnt make them any less personal, but when i direct someone somewhere, telling them "here, heres more stuff about me, this is everything thats happening" im giving that person the trust and willingly exposing myself to them. thats the wierd appeal of all of this, i guess, you can be very very personal and talk like you would to a good friend, because youre writing to yourself, but sharing it with hundreds.

that, and, ive been doing alot more. the things i do that make me happy are usually worth taking pictures of, anyway, so there are alot of them. the more depressed i become, i like to keep busy, you know, that cure-all for all your ills..keeping busy.


saturday is new sheets day, so i put a pillowcase on my noggin.in the end, i kept in bed all day, just like i wanted. i wrote a message to b. and contemplated deleting it. i watched o brother, where art thou, which i liked alot. i went for a long walk listening to sad songs. i made another pair of pajamas. i tried to do my homework which inconveniently, on the one day i actually was ready to do it, locked me out of the website. now im here with a cup of tea getting ready to ouija mabye, i need to get back to that. i liked it.

ive got the house to myself tonight, and swapmeet tomorrow.
i need to be more encouraging. amongst 36 other things.

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