100th post

what a wierdo,

ive posted almost every day for the last six or seven months, hardly any feedback or anything, but thats alright. i still like doing it, i still like thinking about what anybody might think about this and me and the crap i write about, it inspires me to be better at what i do, it drives me to put together better outfits, and its all-around an okay deal.


today has been alright. the smell of my house when the summer comes is very distinct, its here now. the lighting is different and the temperature is different...spring has sprung. ive got lots of bad feelings tied onto the spring and summer months, i always end up hot and alone.

i went shopping at some thrift stores for a cool couch today, but of course, i only find cool ones when im riding on my bike or something, so that was a bust. we went grocery shopping where all of the lesbian employees hit on me, which was odd because it was the only time ive dressed like a normal person in a while- jeans and a teeshirt, and lesbians were into that for some reason. i never get attention from people like that. i came home and ate just some tofu with sriracha, ive been feeling chunky, and i think it has to do with the weather- mabye when it heats up i become aware of the extra weight on my bod and am more motivated to get it off so that i can cool down.

i finished a skirt thats been lying on my chair for about...forever, and its cute, its sort of like this drum majorette lampshade, then a very ugly double-knit polyester dress im having second thoughts about why i even bought. me and my double-knit polyester. now im going to read the book bryan lent me, mabye work on some homework but probably not, and write someone a letter, id like to do that.


there hasnt been much to say.

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