dirty head

today i went to school, then forgot about alot of things. i forgot that i didnt have a class, and i forgot school let out early, and i forgot that i shouldnt be eating giant bowls of icecream. i took the bus home and then walked the rest of the way. some dude asked me out on a date which i said no to (duh) and then met one of the kids who used to be in my art class, aldo, who i talked to for a while.

i like people who like me.

ive just finished a hat and henna-d my hair, and im now going to retreat into my room with my sewing machine and a big fat closet full o stuff and see if i cant come up with something better than today.


my hair smells like a forest,now!!


my dad just brought up something interesting, my mommy and i (who is also a capricorn) have both done something wild to our hair tonight, cute.

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