i have lots of funny mugs
and pretty outfits.

today its sprinkling outside and im going to go see my doctor. i woke up this morning feeling tired but it was nice. i had couscous for breakfast that i made very spicy with hot sauce, then i got dressed as a scottish girl in my kilt and high socks. im wearing it with heeled oxfords, a black cardigan, and after this picture was taken i went and changed my hat from a velvet 40s number to a red and green fair-isle tamoshanter with a big pompom ontop of it.

a few nights ago i had a dream about these special cacti turning into little turtles and crossing the street, then being run-over. it was very sad. lately, since its been so rainy, ive been making the effort to rescue little snails and wormies from the streets and sidewalks. its a little icky but i feel better about it.

im munching on my valentines day candy, my daddy went to the healthfood store and bought me and my mother some yummy vegan cupcakes that were chocolate with a fat cherry inside, and some ginger candies, as well as a big yummy Bumble Bar, which is sort of like birdseed, but i dont mind.

ive made my friend a hat, im going to start giving people hats for free, with my myspace URL inside so that its a little bit of free advertizing, but also i like the idea of just giving these things to people and keeping them warm. even if they get stolen or trampled or lost, the idea is they can do whatever they want with them. im just going to start bringing these hats to parties and things, i think, and giving them to anybody who wants one. mabye ill give some to bums, too, even though the URL on the inside wouldt mean anything, but thats okay.

i have seeds in my teeth.

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