soular powered

last night i had a very good hair day,

but today its been not so great. there is a MASSIVE wad of hair, about the size of an emu egg livin' the good life on the back of my head. oh, cursed scalp.

today i woke up very very very early to go to yoga class, where i found out only after getting myself out of bed with only 3 hours of sleep, getting dressed and almost falling to my death getting into my sweat pants, the class was closed for president's day or whatever holiday theyre celebrating today that isnt valentines. i ate my feelings away in the form of a giant vegetarian burrito, fell asleep for 3 hours like burritos usually make me. i woke up scared and shocked arising from my food coma, and felt very guilty and incredibly full so i went for a walk, where i stole my naighbors dog, and am now back home, safely and freezing, contemplating what else i should do today, or mabye just what i shouldnt.

happy valentines day, im going to go make some heart shaped garlands or something festive, ill end up keeping it up all year, probably. i had a great dream about summer camp during my nap, sometimes i want to be a camp counselor or something, id like that.


my brother spotted a sign infront of a church, and the slide-in lettering read "SOULar-powered by the SON" geeeesh, these people are witty. much better than the jokes on popsicle sticks.

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