baby tiger head girl

i ate some chocolate right now, and for breakfast i had jalapeno toast with apricot jelly, it was tasty.

it is probably going to rain soon.

matt called me last night, he makes a habit of calling me right at 10:45 (perfect...) every few nights, it always wakes me just as im falling asleep. i say stupid things to him when he calls, last night i understood why lazy gangstas just use dumb words like "yo" and "thats chill", theyre very easy and effortless to pronounce. embarassing,though.

today im not going to do anything. id like to just go to sleep again with my tiger head kitty. im having a bad hair day, and as i was checking out my head in the mirror i began to think it was wierd how a bad hair is something that everybody has, but we all have bad hair days on different days for different reasons. its also wierd that instead of just having days where your hair is wierd, we have actual "bad hair days" where our hair is just...bad. today mine goes a little something like this

..my bangs that i just cut really arent cooperating the way they used to, theyre stringy and clumpy and my cowlicks are getting the best of me. the sides of my head always knot up on whichever side i sleep on, but not in large matted nests which i actually like because they give my hair so much body, but in these tiny little tangle-y strings. the other side is laying on the cowlick and in contrast to the other giant side is very limp and ugly. my ends are so distressed that theyre just breaking off in little 1-inch segments, but i just dont have the nerve to trim it. it could be worse,though. i could be suffering from male-pattern baldness. or i could be a male. or a pattern.

i saw a little video a few days ago on somebodys blog where people on the street were asked what their wish for the day was. im going to try to write out a wish for the day and pursuit it, or atleast remain hopeful it will happen. i think it will be a fun thing to do.

today i would like to
not have any more pimples, be very happy, and make soemthing pretty.

and eat a yummy lunch.


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