stretching my muscles.

letely, ive been feeling like giving up on clothes, atleast for the next few weeks until spring. im wearing an outfit ive already worn, and i didnt want to do an outfit post, though i know if i find a really good outfit for tomorrow, ill feel instantly better and make the most of these seasons between outfits.

this morning i woke up really early, tired, but unable to get back to sleep. im hungry now, and its only eleven, and i know that ill want to eat soon and i cant. its fat tuesday, too! i could be eating right now, eating my face off. it was still dark out when i woke up, but not very cold. things have been warming up here and its very good feeling, it suits me now, all of these transitions at the same time. these are the tadpoles growing in my fountain at home, theyre pretty cute. my mom put a big stick in the water so they could climb out when they get ready. the ribbits and cricket noises are nice. my mom used to tell me she thought there were ghosts out by the fountain, she thought she heard arguing at night, but it ended up being a way the wind was blowing the water around.


nobody is funny here...its terrible. atleast nobody wants to laugh with me. im not very funny at all, but whenever i end up laughing abot something silly or something some kid does, they turn around and look at me like a crazy person. my favorite girl here is the girl with the pink cast who broke her arm punching a wall and gets anxious when she has to go to the drinking fountain. the boy who reads my emails and looks at what im doing when im on the computer sat next to me yesterday again, and started singing to me about kissing. then he started blowing on his bottle and making wind noises in my ear and face, and when i was typing out my assignments he would hit the letters on my keyboard just to mess me up. then he got really nervous and akward when i told him i didnt like it. the juice he was drinking smelled like coconuts, and today i heard from a teacher he stole an eraser.

now im waiting for help from my teacher. after this i dont want to take the bus, i almost lost it yesterday, i ran very fast and jaywalked and almost got hit by a few cars and a train.


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