the good life.

a new bottle. this one was found in a dried up crack in the ground, with bryan, yesterday. its a mccormick vanilla bottle and its glass. i like the shape, mostly.


school today, school tomorrow, school forever. im going to go work on an outfit or something, i didnt feel very good today at all. an old man told me i had pretty legs,though, while he was eating a sandwich, and i didnt mind. i ran to my bus stop and almost missed it, thats another thing i hated about today. i almost feel like sleeping, but im going to go have a cup of coffee, mabye a few cups, and watch a movie or something. mabye crochet a little bit.

oh things are so good in my life,though. i dont mean to complain. things are wonderful. im in love with everything. im getting love and giving love and its better than anything.


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