under cover

i got asked out at a party this weekend.


i dont really care.

i dont remember being particularly excited for a date in years, but i know thats not normal. i just hope he doesnt feel excited for it. for me, ive been through the ringer a thousand times, i dont really care about dates. i just dont care about boys, really. im not interested in any of these new fellas who just stepped in last week, theyre sort of bummers to me. sorry if they end up reading this, i s'pose, i would have broke it to you politely if i had the chance to.

im always suprised when these boys act like fifteen year olds, i assume theyre eighteen year olds with issues, and then they end up being twenty-somethings with bigbigbig issues. what the hell? mabye it has to do with them going to parties with seventeen year olds, that theyre not hanging out with kids their own age for some reason, they might be a little messed up. i need to get to places with better people, thats all.


im not excited for anything today, i feel pretty mean. i spilled granola all over my new pajamas, but it was blueberry so it might stain.

finish project
hem some dresses
hang up blouses

...i could take a long nap every day of my life, they truly are the most wonderful things, my mouth always feels so great afterwards, too. im not sure why.

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