billy goat's gruff

yoga pizza!yay! yoga, then pizza, yoga in pizza, i dont care. its perfect.

i should not have gone out last night. i should also not surround myself with people who shove me in rooms with strangers. or people who knife eachother. or people who are capable of round-house kicking others. or people who force me to tango...

well it takes two to tango.

ive learned this really effective way of totally turning off men. every time they come and sit next to me and talk about something they like, you just have to ask in a really creepy way "yeah, yeah, are you into that?is that what youre into?"

-i went fishing with my dad on tuesday.

-oh, yeah? oh yeah? are you innnnnnnto that? is that what youre into? because if it is, i can do that! yeah im into fishing, too. im so into that.

...and just pretend like youre assuming they have some fishing fetish. its cool because you dont really even end up offending anybody, you just keep it going until they dont really know what to say, they just end up stuttering and not really knowing how to explain "no, what the hell are you talking about?" and if they DO, all you have to do is scream in their face "what kind of a girl do you think i am???!!"

its almost 99 percent effective, unless the guy happens to be really serious about fishing, or if he wasnt very smoooooth to begin with it just might send him into tears of frustration and embarassment.

speaking of party girls, these are some cute pictures of my mom when she was about my age. i look more like my dad, but these are still cute pictures. you know, ive posted alot of these pictures up of my dad and company, and ill meet people at parties to this day and theyll ask me about the dead bird picture or which one was my mom. i think its interesting how much attention peoplepay to myspace, i mean i read everything anybody posts, or sends, or comments, but i never thought anybody else did. people are still talking about ryan's hunger strike bulletin.



yesterday i went on a wonderful walk through my neighborhood at dusk until dark and it was raining but i was really warm. some highschool boy said something to me out of the window of his car, something about where did i live?i think? it didnt bother me, infact im beginning to forgive highschool boys for being silly like that, its almost cute.

going to go watch a movie and waste some day away.

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