i slept very well last night. its been raining all yesterday and through this morning, and i can hear it when i sleep. yesterday i had to spend a few hours sitting in my moms car while she worked, and it was nice at first because i could hear the rain hitting the roof hard. it started sucking pretty bad after the 2nd hour,though, when i woke up drooling and freezing in her camry next to a mcdonalds with no books to read or homework to do.

do you ever watch a movie, and you know that one of your friends really likes that movie, and youre watching it and you realize that your friend is trying really hard to be like that person?haha. its sort of embarassing for them. it makes me a little bit angry when people are mean to me, then i watch their movie and realize they would probably never have gotten mad at me or said a mean thing if they didnt think that the guy from Good Will Hunting would have said the same thing. it makes me wonder if im like that with any movie characters. alot of female movie characters are the same though, atleast the ones in those whacky movies where the girl is really quirky and cute and pouty. im not angry or cute or pouty,though.

today im going to go thrifting with my mom, in about an hour probably, then tomorrow we might go up to the garment district. sunday, i dont know if we'll go to the swapmeet, but probably not. the idea is though, ive got to get another 2 homework assignments done after this one. i gotta, i really gotta do that. ive gotta prioritize. if i get one done today, one done tomorrow and another sunday, ill be sittin pretty.

i called ronni and apologized last night, i hope she got it. i also hope that my coffee is done.


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