bad night, bad morning, better morning, bad afternoon made better with a good outfit, nap, present time.

today ive been to the swapmeet, the farmers market, and sleepy-town, as per usual for a sunday. the nap has become pretty routine as well.

i bought some nice things, trying to keep in mind what ill want to wear this spring. i bought a happy-coat, sort of like a kimono, in this navy and white swirly pattern that im planning on fashioning into a good dress, some leather woven sandals in mexican resturant colors, and pretty clip-on bow tie that i think will be pretty in my hair in the spring and summer, too.

^^ one of my favorite vendors in the little do-dad apartment, im holding up a Dynamite magazine with Farrah on the cover.

dreams last night, boy. my imagination freaks me out. the symbols my mind makes freak me out. its nice to see things ive dreamed about a few days later and remember. with people,though, i almost always end up villanizing them and it makes me uncomfortable the next few times i run into them in places.

running into people in places...

...with cars

would be nicer.



they should just call hummus "yummus", because its pretty goddamn delicious.


futurelint said...

ooh, you look totally adorable in that stripey top/skirt/belt combo! makes me want spring here in Minneapolis so I can go to the flea market and farmers market!

Bryan said...

fuck yea! yummus

i agree, futurelint, you look cute. and i like that you got a picture with the Mediterranean food, then your entire outfit. they in order of importance? might be, when it's yummus we're talkin about

Bryan said...

but i took another look, and i think that shirt is just a bit too long to wear with that skirt. what do you think?

sabertooth said...

the cool thing about that outfit was,though, that i bought that jacket at the swapmeet a few minutes before the picture was taken and just decided i just wanted to wear it really bad, not caring if it really went with bit or not. the lengtg might not have been right. also the jacket is supposed to make my waist look smaller with the way it flares like that, but its a little big and makes me look slightly wider than i am, so it needs work to make it into my wardrobe officially. the whole idea of the outfit was cool,though, the parts you cant see: my rusty-colored beret and marroon mary-jane heels, made it really pretty color-wise.