cloud capture


my cloud making is complete for a little while. im glad. it is pretty, its long and high and low, but there's a big ole pressure system brewin in my room.

watching RuPaul's drag race has made me want to get sewin, who cares i dont have the know-how? i need to learn more. tonight ill fix jenzie's coat, then a pinafore-y number that i want and need alotalotalotalot, itll be my first big sewin project in a while. ill find some way to distract myself from the loud machine noise, which is usually what annoys me most about sewing on my machine-sometimes id rather sew a giant huge dress by hand than have to listen to it.

im hungry, going to go eat some collard greens my mom made.

too many people doubting in me, it doesnt make me doubt myself, but created problems and issues end up inconveniencing me more than any victim of my wicked ways.

mabye this will act as some sort of dream-catcher, i would like that.


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