ayyy yayyy yayyy yayyy

nothing like getting drunk and typing.

..or getting drunk and attempting to hit the right letters on the keyboard,atleast.

these are the pictures ive unleashed from my camera while it was out if batties this week. from when me and the paps were sofa shoppin'

yeah i wish.
in the back of Estate sale warehouse. cool beans.
my picture inside of a decades old mirror.

ive been wearing this jacket all of the time.its warm. its well-fitting. its **InDiGo (the 2nd to last color of the rainbow). it has a lapel with which i may stick many-a-brooch.

im going to go in my room and dance now. sometimes i wish i wouldnt have been kicked out of so many ballet classes as a bebe. what if i was a dancer? what if i didnt care about clothes? what if i didnt make things? what if i could use my body to express myself instead of being a clothes-horse for things to express myself with? what if i would have never dyed my hair and stayed a blonde? what if we wouldve moved to hawaii instead of fallbrook? what if i wouldve stayed a cheerleader? what if i hadnt had that captain admiral...


i'm having a hard time trying to explain myself. i always do. i dont think i actually even feel that much, you know? mabye there isnt a whole lot to express. mabye i dont care.

i dont use apostrophes ever when i blog.
i dont capitalize anything either.

i love you.

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Lailove said...

Thank you very very much sweetie ^-^ but aaah i forgot to mention that i love the outfit you wore when u went sofa shopping...the red tights paired with the grey is perfecto :) x