brain freeze

there are no batteries for my camera. i have pictures on it but i cannot get them off.

yesterday i put my sewing machine table and all the fixins out in my living room so that i would have more space to sew. its nice, especially because i get good sunlight in there and inside my room its very shady, so ive got to use these dim lights that hurt my eyes,almost. i think it makes me tired more than anything. plus, the room i put my things into is pretty ugly, and all of my pretty things make it slightly more attractive. i think its funny when woman use "attractive" to describe a room or object, it sounds so old-fashioned.

when i was cleaning i pulled out some of my old stolen pictures from the national geographics i got to use in my art class.i ripped out many pictures from my school and took them home with me. alot of them went to good use. my favorite of all-time is the shot of two girls dressed up as lobsters in maine. they look like friends.


lately ive been getting more work done. working working, not hanging out as much, not enjoying work very much, drinking too much coffee, and eating too many peanut-butter pretzels.last night i did 900 jumps through my jump rope and 200-sit-ups, but i could only manage a measley 12 push-ups. dissapointing. my boobs shrank,too. what a cruel trick.

my projects have been lacking, ive made myself a pair of spats i have yet to take pictures of, ive made a cowl i like more than i thought i would, its two ugly colors of old yarn i bought at the thrift store in uneven stripes, its big, and im trying to make big tassels for closures, its neat-ish. too bad the winter is almost over. its still very cold in my house. i woke up last night at two, and i couldnt get back to sleep no matter how hard i tried.it was sort of like i had forgotten how to sleep. then i woke up to jens making up another mystery illness. no soymilk for my cereal so i ate tofutti cream-cheese on a tortilla with plum jelly, which made noises when i ate it. the noises made up for the lack of tastiness,though. something for my senses to process if it couldnt be the blandish food.


this mammal is like a delicious banana. my ouija board called b. Bryan Banana last night. i asked it what fruit i would be and it didnt tell me anything.

Marina Mango
Marina Melon
Marina Mulberry
Marina Mandarin
Marina Mangosteen
Marina Midyim Muntries<< cool.

i went on a website where the show you all the fruit starting with a certain letter. im glad someone made that.today im doing homework. im going to make coffee. im going to drink the coffee. im then going to try and finish a little sampler i was at one point interested in.what should i wear to see bryan play on sunday?

what i wouldnt do for a bucket of walnettos, a detangled scalp, and an empty house.
^ a piece of paper i found on the ground with potential names for a gang written on it. i asked my brother who wrote it and he said Moises (on the right upper) is an arab who speaks spanish.

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