this is that

thank you captain nelson, both of you



and thank you cup for holding the liquid that i want to drink.

holy crap, i love my life.

i feel nice.


**Karyn** said...

just thought ud like to kno i have a blogspot. lol

Anonymous said...

Collar pattern hurr!

This might work better.

Bryan said...

Cool collar!

It feels good to have more control over what makes us happy these days, Marina, and to be able to share with you the happy AND sad parts makes you a very happy part of my life! Thank you for always being here and there for you and me. Our new security in emotion will explode our creativity up and out the wazoo! As long as you are you, I can be who I am and express myself without any fear! You can too!

Now, back to avoiding my homework...

sabertooth said...

hey thanks zi dotty, i really need to work on learning more complicated stitches and things, im just intimidated by all of this pattern talk (im suddenly becoming more and more aware of my minor learning dissabilities-ha) and this looks like the perfect project to get a leg up on the pile with!!

karyn-haha.youre a hunk.

bryan-your pictures were funny, the poses were identical almost, but the hair was very different, it was a perfect before/after. this afternoon will be a different kind of before/ after for the both of us!