getting closer

jens is playing me a song on the ukelele!

today i got up early for karyn, who never came. instead i went grocery shopping and finished( i think) the sash portion of my homemade girl scout uniform. im going to make a pair of shorts to match, which ought to be really cute. ill like wearing it. a problem i had was trying to get the patches and numbers straight, which i didnt. i didnt bother fixing it, either, but it will make it look extra homemade. lazy? not really. i made guacamole today,too! and then i ate the guacamole.

ive had such a good time making things, yesterday was wonderful, i felt so driven to work and finish and like i had alot of things to do and enjoy doing. today is lacking that same zest,though, and i wish karyn wouldve woken up on time. oh,well. all im waiting for now is for it to get dark outside so that we can close up the wondows and doors, and i can work harder on my projects then. this light isnt making me want to do anything much but sleep, or watch tv, or eat.

im dieting again, the worst.


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