today ive had lots of tea to drink, and ive worked on a shirt for my brother and am now working on a shirt for myself.

id like to go somewhere today, but only after ive finished all of the things i need to do. mabye ill drink some more tea. the open doors make working uncomfortable when its cold.


ive got alot more to say than i have been saying, lately.

another drawer has broken under my ikea bed, its annoying. my bed is the best, but not the best for me and somebody else, because there isnt enough room. then, after theyve gotten themselves onto the bed, they might fall off now and land on the broken drawer.

i liked reading the book bryan gave me. id like to read more. there are things to be done today. too bad the caffeine burst i recieve from tea is nothing like coffee, so i dont have enough energy to sew or to ouija today. mable ill watch television for a little while longer, and after that ill feel fine. napping isnt allowed anymore!

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