send my love

jens and i went into town today. we went into lots of stores, and bought many wonderful things. we ate lunch, a watermelon for him (which he carried with him around town) and an especially skinny (hey!) pedro's burrito for me.


at the angel thrift store jens bought a striped polo shirt, i bought a very very cool white 50s summer dress with tennis rackets, sailboats, and golfing bags all over, which i almost didnt see. i got a sweater with bows all over it,too. jens is holding a homemade g-unit shirt that he didnt buy, and there were lots of things i wouldve liked for him to buy,but he didnt.


jens purchased an apple at the healthfood store. they sold dates individually (37 cents each) and had some yummy looking noodles.


i broke one of the three King Kong cups i bought at st.vincent de paul's, but i came home with two, an old old raincoat, some very pretty navy blue gloves that feel like baby skin, and a peach-colored vest.

we waited in primo cafe for a while, and lots of wierd people were there.

i dont have anything to do!
i dont feel like sewing.
i dont feel like watching the boob tube.
i dont feel like reading.
its the coffee.


Estrella said...

jaja, is so bad when you feel like that, you should rest a little, and i love your hat!

sabertooth said...

thank you! i made that hat, actually, and im bewginning to wear it every time i go garage saling or thrifting, its lucky,mabye.