god, this appetite

oh!so hungry! mabye its the moon,right? makes me hungry like a warewolf, when my inner-chubby manifests itself.



im drinking tea now, though i gorged myself on capn' crunch berries in the morning, and the afternoon. these beanie weenies were spewing all over my clothes, and crustig over like burrito-beans do on clothes and faces. ive done my jumproping,though, and walking today was nice. so mabye im not such a bad girl,afterall.

i fell asleep for an hour this morning watching semi-homemade on the food network, my least favorite program on that station,where they baked cakes, and when i was dreaming, it was about cakes,too. no miley cyrus dreams, please, for i just caught myself watching a whole miley THS.

my mom just told me a story of a man with a cat with the same name as ours, and a dog who looked just like ol' lucy girl. mmmm animals, tea, jumproping, cereal and telephone breaks.

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