im no athlete,but.

oh, truly, i love routines.


i made a baby bag for me and bryan's mama bag. the big bag is from a bottle of rum, the smaller bag from a burrito. im not very confident in my drawing skills, but i like drawing ugly babies. i think im a little bit good at it.

i dont think i could be listening to anything more suitable for my mood right now than Yma Sumac. this is wonderful!im listening to something i actually like. horrah!im downloading, im finding, this is good. mabye im on the verge of more music to find,then like.hope so, keep your fingers crossed for me and pray for me,too.

today i watched a movie about cheating husbands and admired the camp-out gear the women wore. monday, bryan and i ought to be attending a show somewhere that we dont know, with people he knows, and i think ill wear my new tennis dress, in hopes that it wont be too chilly. its campy 'nuff to suit my mood. im no athlete.

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