little bear

baby food!

ole faithful.

i napped at school instead of riding the bus. it was very cold. i knew the time i would spend cold and miserable, though shorter, whould be worse than the 2 hours i would spend here, just bored. they let my sit here, then they let me nap here after i told them it was my last day of school. i ate some very loud chips here. im debating an after-school burrito, but probably not.

ill save the last few minutes of class for my diary, but typing is something to do. writing things for other people is something to do. i got caught in a time-warp, where i thought it was an hour earlier than it actually was, exciting. i liked it better than thinking it was an hour later than it was and waking up dissapointed. a boy sitting next to me just commented on how i type, with two of my right fingers and my left pointer finger. im a pretty speedy typer. speedy gonzales. i never even noticed.now he is making duck noises.

ive forgotten a little bit about what i want to do with projects to come. im going to make my girl-scout sash, yes. im going to edit some dresses. but the wierd thing is that for the first time in a very long time im out of clothes to fix! ive got a dress or three to snip up and those'll take no time, and ill be free! the bad thing about not having my sewing machine in my room is that it takes so much more effort picking up my ass off my comfortable pillow nest to go sit in the windy room and stitch. ,mabye that vest could be hand-sewn. id like a project to make myself useful. atleast to myself. to make myself something to put myself in.so that people can see me and suppose that im useful. mabye that ill be useful to them.


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