neutral into unsure

im really sticky and crusty from today in the heat, and inside o' me i dont feel good either.

there are enough people to encourage me, enough nice words to be said about what i am and who i am and what i look like. there are enough people to see their own weaknesses in me and excite themselves over it, then praise me for the other things more obvious. everybody has their own nature, there are combinations and feelings and ways about people, there are ways about me, there are things i need and ought to need, things to be helped with and people to turn to, but i havent achieved my balance yet.

the things that i do to people mean completely different things to them and to me. pain, though, both ways and confusion, but leaning on me isnt the best things to do.

i dont know how to learn, or what to learn, and who to learn it from, i cant figure it out. im getting stupider around bryan.


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