ornery kitty

yesterday, bryan got fitted for a tuxedo. i got us lost in tri-city,then ouija, food purses, boots, coming home and sewing.


my dad woke me up this morning really early, except i was convinced that it was late in the morning, then i waited and waited for two hours until my alarm clock went off at seven. it was stupid of me.

today, im going tpo finish some headbands i started yesterday, one is a puff with a doll's head, the other is a little woody one with feathers and the part of the coonskin hat that fell off.

i hate it when my parents dont buy me the groceries i want.


Bryan said...

got us lost in your ouija board, too. got good positive energy lost in a negative construct. this entire blog post about groceries and your dad and bryan's tuxedo reminds me of a negative construct attempting to validate itself in a sea of positivity.

sabertooth said...

when i woke up this morning i was steaming mad because i didnt have any of the groceries i wanted. i went around to my mom, then to jens to ask why they got me all this stuff i didnt like and none of the things i did like, and they werent even at the grocery store, and they didnt care that i got none of the things i was hoping for. it wasnt a big deal to them, so of course any venom i wouldve spewed out onto them wouldnt have been deserved, or meant anything. then, when i was putting the clothes up on the line i scraped my hand. i deserved it.