pineapple dress/pineapple lunch

i went to a couple of thrift stores with my mommy right now, to drop off books and things of ours, to find a couch, to send mail and to have something to do. i made us a smoothie, and i might have some curry to top it off.

im wearing my new striped shirt and peach sweater and purse, all from the same garage sale. asn ensemble that once belonged to the same stranger.

i bought a cool pineapple cocktail dress, a wig, an apron and a couple of hangers. the apron is yellow with heart shaped pockets, the hangers are crocheted.


bad night's sleep last night, where i was waking up every hour. i think a ghost was waking me up. i brought home that bust from matt's house, which jordan said was haunted. i dont really believe it, but mabye that was what was making it hard to sleep. i had some very wonderful dreams, and the last dream i had, after the last late wake-up, was terrible. im not a bully. i have dreams about beating people up,though.

the first week off from school starts today. the weather is so pretty pretty, i think this summer is going to be happy, as long as i have plenty of sunscreen to slather myself in.

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