double standards are everywhere, theyre all around me, im falling victim to others exceptions to the rules, as well as participating in them. what im beginning to sense,though, is that even when the double standard is glaringly obvious, alot of the time the rule-breaker believes without a doubt that they are innocent. people strain what theyre hearing through so many filters when theyre challenged, either to make them feel at ease and forgiving or accepting, or some strange number of fears that makes them defensive or mean or...whatever. you know what its like.

so go ahead,offenders!
represent yourself! defend!
say it loud and say it proud!
because nothing is ever your fault,you who leaves the empty milk carton in the sink but expects everyone to clean up after you, or the respectless one, or the one with unlimited freedom, or me the bad friend who cant keep time but DEMANDS that everybody else does, and me the consumer that still eats packaged microwave soup that cant be recycled.


im going to go into my bed.

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