which shoes to choose?

wedding today with bryan,
im wearing my pineapple dress, the yellow platform shoes, a petticoat under the dress which i didnt like at first but now am convinced made it the best dress it could be, and because its chilly im wearing a cardigan. i dont know how i want to wear my hair,though, and stuff like that but thats okay. ive got time. im leaving at three, i think.

my shoulders hurt, probably because i crossed my arms almost all day yesterday, and i woke up with a headache.

i like packing bags for overnight stays. its nice to think about things ill need, and its nice to be prepared.


kerri ní dochartaigh said...

i LOVE the first shoes! and your bed linen. i too love packing an overnight bag. feels like a holiday is on its way . . .lol x

sabertooth said...

that bed linen is actually a table linen! i have another table cloth i use as a bedspread,too. the first shoes are so cute and old, the heel is perfectly petite and the woven red leather is worn perfectly.