quick draw mcgraw

sometimes,when i get tired, its hard for me to navigate around the internet. i do the same thing over and over again until i snap out of it, and thats what just happened.i am tired,though, and im drinking some coffee to wake me up. bryan and i had a late night last night, and a wee bit of an early morning. a good morning,though.we took out his dawgs, made some cereal and then went to take care of pax's dog, marigold, who was alot nicer today then she was the other day. pedro's tacos after that, then seven-eleven.


i feel happy, but my reaction time is a little bit off, and its hard for me to visually focus or respond to questions. i dont know why. if it wasnt chilly, things would be better.

i think i might figure out something to do to my bangs,today. they need work,as you can see, and waiting akwardly for them to grow out isnt a good way to spend these weeks until theyre able to stick to other hairs and not flop around into my face.

mabye a nap wouldnt be so bad,afterall.

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