this is me, marina, a year ago, in bryans room. yesterday we went to the drug store to drop off three rolls of film filled with pictures he took a long time ago. some were from valentines day, then a snow day a few weeks later. some from ronnis backseat,too.we went over them in his truck yesterday with jens my little brother, who couldnt understand very well. there were cute pictures of bryan,too, when his hair was longer and blonder, he looks different now,too. the colors were pretty in all of them , some blacks turned out green. i had short hair then, and wore too much makeup, but there are many more things that have changed that my hair since then.


today i learned the triple-crochet, and i used it to make myself a hanger for a new terrarium. i might go do that next, plant up that jar, after i finish this movie the virgin and the gypsy, which i started too late in the afternoon and missed the mail man. the hanger is red and cobwebby and has buttons on it, because my stitches werent as even and my yarn wasnt the same. its still pretty,though, and hangs in my room. mabye ill just put a candle inside of it,instead. ill have to figure out if id rather have a hanging garden or a hanging hazard.

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