another hair post

sunday my dad and i made a trip all the way down to the health food store to pick me up some black henna, because i dont want to be a redhead anymore but i still cant in good conscience throw those bad hairdye chemicals down the drain, or smother my scalp with the stuff. it didnt turn out,though, hardly at all. mabye with more layering of dye over dye over dye it will really penetrate, but after rinsing it turned a red brown (hardly dark at first) and as the day wore on it darkened and developed into a deeper brown, with less red, which is still dissapointing but gives me hope. mabye im not meant to be a blackie.

there were other good things purchased at Frasier Farms,though, like a butter pecan flavored Soy Icecream which was so so yummy, bake-your-own Mochi, tofutti cream cheese, which is one of my favorite imitation foods, soy Candadian bacon and a delicious looking soup.

i enjoy having wierd, interesting, vegan novelties at my house.

and my daddy bought all the fixins for a big pot of lentil soup, which is so good, and i like mustard and soy sauce in mine.


ive liked bushing out my eyebrows and poofing up my hair lately. it seems to suit me well. i like the way it makes my face look.

my mom bought me a new houseplant for the hanger ive had for years just nailed to the wall without any plant inside of it. i had an ivy inside that i forgot to water, and one that looked like it needed more sunlight. after it died, i didnt even take out the old dirt pot, but didnt care that much, i have another hanger above my bed that had a little vine from a seed that bryan gave me, i think, or it might have been just a little bean seed.


look at the pretty lady! im naming her Dorothy, because Bea Arthur just died who played Dorothy on the Golden Girls which everybody knows, and because Elmo has a goldfish named Dorothy which was cute, and id like to squeak "Hewwo Dowofey!" at her every morning. ill take good care if this one.

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