anudder swapmeet day

i went to the swap meet today, even though i didnt really want to. ive been trying really hard to not buy so many things, and to my suprise, there havent been alot of things for me to buy.


jens and i at the gate, dancing to the night at the roxbury song


a pile o' clothes, like so many other piles o' clothes.


puppies 4 sale, and jens with a kraftwerk record.

i havent had alot to write about. alot of the things i say seem to get me in trouble. my boyfriend doesnt like to read my blog anymore, and unsubscribed himself. i havent been shopping as much, so im usually just in pajamas, and my last pajama post got me in trouble,too. i also havent been doing many interesting things, but this weekend ended on a slightly sweeter note than it started, with a bike ride and art show yesterday and a new hamster for jens' girlfriend today.

i know ill find it harder to word anything that i want to say, its been difficult lately. no complaints allowed. but with nobody to write to, and nobody to talk to, my internet life gets lonely.


Wren said...

I'm listening:)


fash said...

please don't be lonely any more. i've decided that lonely is the last thing i want to be. i'm reading now you've found me, and i like what you post.

sabertooth said...

thanks fash. is now youve fond me a book? if so im dying for some reading material, id love a recommendation.